The Outdoor Sportsmen's
Coalition of California


The Outdoor Sportsmen’s Coalition of California is a nonprofit organization of sportsman’s clubs and individuals dedicated to preserving outdoor recreation in California.  Our principal activities are to monitor legislation that might negatively impact hunting, fishing and other recreation, and to oppose unwise changes in laws and regulations relating to these activities.

 The Outdoor Sportsmen’s Coalition of California (OSCC) promotes the conservation, enhancement, scientific management, and wise use of all our natural resources; OSCC seeks to end activities needlessly destructive to natural resources; OSCC endeavors to educate and encourage the public generally, and the youth specifically, to an understanding of the advantages and importance of the conservation and enhancement of all our natural resources.

 OSCC works to enhance outdoor opportunities for all citizens. With several thousand members located throughout California, we stay in contact with our membership via newsletters and Internet so they can be involved as they see fit.

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